Two tracks remaining to mix!  The stark brooding 'Bloodless And Fragile' is done and we even got the tracks packaged up and delivered to Roman Marisak of Professional Murder Music, who recently mixed Skum Love's Sinister Minister album (check out yours truly's guitar on the track 'Leave Scars'). Roman will be working on a 'Bloodless' re-mix to be included on "Beauty Re-Envisioned"

We will start on 'Memory of Love' next Tuesday, a song co-written with Johnny Indovina.  I think fan's of HUMAN DRAMA will really like this one... but what do I know!

I spent some time last night with Kevin Kipnis in his BFOK Studio, checking out some new gear options that I am thinking of incorporating on BIC3.  I also got to hear just a bit of his remix of 'Look Up', that will also be included on Beauty Re-Envisioned!  Kevin and lovely wife Betsy Martin are also featured on 'Heliotrope', wich will be on FBIC.

I did put out some news on Monday's Q&A, announcing that 'Finding Beauty In Chaos' will be released on September 21st on 33.3 RECORDS.   Lots of 'busy' work to do besides mixing/mastering to make this release happen.  We are shooting the cover photo on Monday, so I am trilled and anxious to see the vision I have had of FBIC's cover for over a year actually materialize!

Michael Ciravolo