‘Betsy’s voices whirl and twirl through a sparse soundscape of echo-laden guitar shimmers surrounding her ‘lyrical imagery’.

Seems a life ago
Seems a life ago
Watch it grow and so do you
Watch it grow
Watch it grow
Watching you
Grow your world
What you have is something I'll be waiting for
Something I'll be waiting for
You'll never know where it could be for you
It's all in good time
It's all in good time

Foregone conclusions


Seems a life ago

Seems a life ago

Here you go

There you go  You'll never know what you mean to all

Foregone conclusions we have for you

(Martin / Ciravolo) ©2017

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 Kevin's hypnotic effect-laden bass drove the sound of LA's perennial goth faves KOMMUNITY FX.   Besides his current project with Betsy, PURR MACHINE; Kevin has spent time with PRESENCE, featuring CURE co-founder LOL TOLHURST and SILVER GHOST SHIMMER with John Fryer (Cocteau Twins / This Mortal Coil) .

Kevin also owns BFOK Studios, where  he is in-demand for his programming ad re-mix work.  He just happens to be working on a re-mix of BEAUTY IN CHAOS's 'Look Up' for our upcoming "Beauty Re-Envisioned' release.

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 Betsy's angelic voice made CATERWAUL a critic's favorite during the late '80s and early 90s'.  In additional to being an animal rights activist, Betsy continue to lend her ethereal melodies to PURR MACHINE, an electronic driven duo with her husband, Kevin Kipnis.

Ms. Martin also also joined legendary 4AD producer, John Fryer's  BLACK NEEDLE NOISE on the track 'Dead Star' ....

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During the heyday of the LA's notorious goth club, Scream, as a member of HUMAN DRAMA, we shared the stage with both CATURWAUL and KOMMUNITY FK on several shows.

Later, I joined Betsy and Kevin in a 3pc dreamy goth-industrial band called KORE.  We recorded several songs for various Cleopatra comp releases.  They later revamped the project as PURR MACHINE, and released several CDs, including a few of the Kore tracks.

I'm thrilled to have remained close to them, and to have both Besty and Kevin involved in this song, and I look forward to continuing to work with them as BEAUTY IN CHAOS evolves !



Betsy Martin: voices and words
Michael Ciravolo: guitars
Kevin Kipnis: bass guitar
Michael Rozon: live drums and percussion
Dirk Doucette: percussion


Recorded and Produced by Michael Rozon
Additional recording by Kevin Kipnis