MONDAY Q&A 7/9/18


Q:  It seems that you are friends with The Cure, which is my favorite band!  How did this happen?

A:  Well, they are also one of my favorite all time bands too!  I was fortunate to meet them thru my position at Schecter Guitar.  Back in 2002, the late Paul Raven (miss you my friend) of Killing Joke/Ministry brought in Reeves Gabrels, who was interested in some of our drop-tuned instruments.  He had worked with The Cure on ‘Sorry Wrong Number’ and made an email introduction to Robert.  We sent over some guitars for him to try in the studio.  I think we also sent some lefty stuff for Perry Bamonte.   The relationship sort of blossomed from there, and I was blessed to be able to work with both Robert and Simon on lots of concepts, and what finally has turned into their signature models.  I think I actually met them in person for the first time when they came to Los Angels in September 2003 to perform on the Craig Kilborn show. Lots of Cure shows with even more adult beverages have transpired.  Simply great guys and I’m honored to call them friends.  Simon, who is simply my favorite all time bassist, was kind enough to play bass on a Beauty In Chaos track, ‘Man of Faith’.  I do get a lot of emails asking if I know what’s next for the band, but honesty other than the ‘Wish’ remaster release, Robert is tight lipped about other things Cure

Michael Ciravolo