MONDAY Q&A 7/2/18

Q: I see the Beauty In Chaos album will be released on September 21st. How can I get it and will it be available on a vinyl record?

A: the 21st is certainly our goal, and we are indeed on track, barring any unforeseen set-backs. ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos will be the debut release on 33.3̅ RECORDS. The two guys starting the label love vinyl, which is one of the main reasons I decided this route, besides them being great guys and loving the album. Not very many indie labels today want to press vinyl, especially a double record! They do, and with them having a design background want to do a fantastic package. Double gate-fold, etc., making it a real collectors style release. FBIC will also be available on CD. We are discussing the pros/cons of a digital download version. I know a lot of people listen to music that way, but I’m trying to go a bit of a different route. I do know I am adamant about not ‘selling’ individual songs. I think it sells the entire body of work short, to only hear a select song. Still some details to work out, and still a lot of work yet to do to make this all happen, but we are both excited and confident on what is to come!!

Michael Ciravolo