STUDIO LOG 6/30/18

Another year older and another year wiser?  God I hope so!  I do know I was wise enough to marry the best woman in the world and to convince some of my amazingly talented friends to be part of BEAUTY IN CHAOS.

I was blessed to spend most of last week on the Oregon coast with my beloved family.. sort of the last family vacation before our two daughters head off to college.  While I did find some time to start working on a couple of new BIC song ideas, my partner in chaos, Michael Rozon, stayed the studio course and started mix work on ‘bloodless and fragile’.  This song, written with The Awakening’s Ashton Nyte, encompasses all I wanted this record to be.  We are back at this mix tomorrow, and should have it wrapped up by mid-week.  This will leave us just two more of FBIC’s fourteen songs left to mix!!!  ‘Memory Of Love’ with Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina and the album version of ‘The Long Goodbye’ with Wayne Hussey of The Mission.

I got to hear the goth-industrial tinged 4-on-the-floor MGT RMX by Mark Gemini Thwaite of the album's only cover, a T. Rex classic (hint: greatest guitar riff ever) sung by Ministry main-man Al Jourgensen.  This slamming' remix will appear on "beauty re-envisioned"  (hopefully to drop January '19).

Still much more to do.. final sonic tweaks, track order (which I think I have down), cover photo shoot, sleeve layout/design, mastering, etc.

Barring any unforeseen issues, we are on track for the September release.  I am circling the 21st on my calendar .. as you got to have goals!  More on the actual release plans, availability and BIC merchandise next week!


Michael Ciravolo