What is Beauty in Chaos?

photo courtesy of Rick Parent

photo courtesy of Rick Parent


Born of frustration and creativity, BEAUTY IN CHAOS is far more than my ‘solo’ album.

It is a convergence of textures and styles that I envisioned blossoming and evolving.  I certainly imposed some constraints on this debut release, mainly that I would play all guitars and no synthesizers would be used.  Not from my ego, but as a personal challenge to myself.  I wanted to see if I could create the sounds and textures I heard in my head.   I think that rather lofty goal was accomplished only in thanks to the other constant in BIC, my long time friend Michael Rozon.  A world-class engineer, mixer, producer and musician who pushed me to give my better-than-best on every note on this entity we created.  A true sound alchemist, he helped me to orchestrate compositions using only our wide array of guitars and effect pedals …  lifting, but never overshadowing the songs.  Honestly?  Rozon is the engine that revved BIC -  it was him that pushed and encouraged me to explore the sounds and textures in my mind and start BIC.

The reason why this musical vehicle we have created is called BEAUTY IN CHAOS is simplistic; yet not so.  The vision of a beautiful flower growing in the middle of an abandoned burnt-out building replays over and over in my head when I look to describe the why.  Assembling, or in some cases, disassembling beautiful soundscapes, melodies and chords, while injecting harsh bursts of sonics … or visa versa.  Light in the dark, dark in the light is the contrast that helps in realizing the goal of creating something musical that is also very visual and cinematic.

As we enter the mix stage of ‘finding beauty in chaos’ ..  we are looking into various avenues of how this work will be disseminated.  I have every intention that it will be available on vinyl, and also create its emotional landscape in both television and film.  Time will tell.

We will continue to add sound byte samples on this page as songs are completed, along with the amazing lyrics that make up these songs.  BEAUTY IN CHAOS is a musical entity that will continue forward… bringing together artists that might not normally get to create together.   A follow-up 'remix'  album , 'beauty re-envisioned' is simultaneously in the works and has a plan release date of March 2019.  This record will have mix interpretations and alternate versions by the likes of Tim Palmer, John Fryer, Mark Gemini Thwaite and Tyler Bates.

BEAUTY IN CHAOS would not have been possible without these amazingly talented artists, many who will continue in the evolution of BIC.

My eternal gratitude to Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Tim Palmer (Tim PalmerAshton Nyte (The Awakening), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Evi Vine (Evi Vine), Michael Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel), Johnny Indovina (Human Drama), dUg Pinnick (Kings X), Pete Parada (The Offspring), Betsy Martin (Caterwaul/ Purr Machine), Marc Danzeisen (The Riverdogs), Kevin Kipnis (Kommunity FK / Purr Machine), Dirk Doucette (Gene Loves Jezebel), Pando (A Flock of Seagulls), Rudy Matchinga (Red Scare), Tish Ciravolo (Stun Gun) and ICE-T (Body Count)

I am Blessed and proud to be curator of something very special.

Michael Ciravolo