BIC BLOG 5/4/19

Got to see the final edited version of the video for our acoustic version of ‘STORM’, which will appear on ‘beauty re-envisioned’! As usual, Vicente Cordero did an amazing job filming and capturing my vision for this beautiful version of this important song. He and Ashton Nyte did a fantastic job editing and we should be announcing a premiere for it over the coming weeks! Probably a good time to remind everyone if you have not added your email to our BIC news list .. please do HERE to get the immediate 411 on all things BIC. Here’s a short audio taste …

I am trying to but together multiple schedules for what could be two more videos from ‘re-envisioned’. All I can say now .. but if it can happen, it would be AMAZING!

BIC Producer Michael Rozon is back in the study with MINISTRY, but we still found some time this week to put the (almost) final touches on the 2nd new BIC track. I am talking to some different singers to see who these new tracks resonate with. I had planned on having some of my guitar playing friends add solos or some bits, but listening back to the direction of these songs … this might not be the batch. My idea of stark dark is morphing into a glorious but still dark tracks! Excited for the real possibility of releasing this before the end of the year. Hopefully Michael and I get some time in SAINTinLA next week to start on the 3rd song… as I feel I got something brewing that could be great!

Our release date for ‘beauty re-envisioned’ is mere 7 weeks away (as I type that impatiently). If you haven't visited out website as of late, please check it out as we have added a new section for ‘beauty re-envisioned’ with quips, quotes and clips for all of the tracks. Check it out HERE.

Remember you can PRE-ORDER the record HERE. The release will probably be available thru CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc., BUT ordering from our site will get you ten (10) additional bonus mixes. There is a good chance that it will actually become 11 bonus tracks as we are trying to sneak another in :)

Finally, I plan to continue highlighting some of the amazing quotes from the artists and producers involved on my weekly WEDNESDAY’s WORDS post. If you missed this, check out these from KEVIN HASKINS and ALEX KRETOV.


Michael Ciravolo