I was thrilled when Kevin Haskins (of Bauhaus, Love And Rockets, Tones on Tail, and Poptone fame) agreed to do a remix for ‘beauty re-envisioned’! His beautiful take on ‘FBIC’’s title track is stark and ambient. He even enlisted Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails to add some additional textures. As with the original album, we chose his ‘Fall and Sway’ mix to close out the CD.

Haskins says ““I chose ‘finding beauty in chaos’ to remix because I really liked the vocal melody and there ambient guitar parts. The ambient guitars really resonated with me and I thought that it would be more interesting to avoid the obvious approach of reworking the drums and main guitars and instead, strip it down to create a very minimal approach (I like to go against the grain!). In this way the vocal performance is more featured and so I feel that the soul and emotion of the vocal is more evident. I also thought that it would contrast well against the other remixes”

Hear a bit of the remix here …

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photo by  JENNA PUTNAM


Michael Ciravolo