Q;  I see that you have Marc Bolan’s son, Rolan singing on the remix album.  From the sound clip on your site, it sounds like a very different version than sung by Al Jourgensen?

A:  Yes!  I am really excited about Rolan’s involvement and this version.  ‘20thCentury Boy’ is one of my all-time favorite songs, and while I love what we did on ‘FBIC’, and the 2 remixes on this record … there is something special to me about this version.  I think it has some cool ‘glam’ elements that are a nod to the T. Rex version… and the piano gives it a bit of a Mott The Hoople’ feel.   Playing guitar with Wayne Hussey on this track is really special, as I think he is a great and underrated player.  Also, he and Ashton Nyte add some great backing vocals on this one … with Wayne’s falsetto duet with Rolan being one of the ‘high points’ on the entire album for me. Actually doing one of Marc Bolan’s songs, with his son is another surreal moment in BIC.  Rolan was very gracious and a joy to work with. Also there was no way Wayne was not going to be part of this song!  Read just how big of a Marc Bolan fan he is in his new autobiography, ‘Salad Daze’, which is released tomorrow! I am hoping that it might be possible to get both of them in in a video. BTW .. former Mission and All About Eve bassist Andy Cousin is also on this one.


HEAR A BIT OF ‘20th Century Boy ft. Rolan Bolan and Wayne Hussey below…



Michael Ciravolo