Even my unbiased opinion puts ‘LOOK UP’ as one of my favorite songs on finding beauty in chaos’.! n I thought Tish did an amazing job on the vocals and in the video (watch it HERE)! ! was really happy when several artists selected ‘Look Up’ for their remixes. I think each is a unique take on the song, and not only different from each other, but also from the original version.

Alex Kretov, from the popular dream-pop duet UMMAGMA, did a beautiful rendition of the song. Utilizing only Tish’s vocals, he added new guitars, bass, synths and drums. I don’t play a note on it! ..,, while there is a bit of my soundscape layered guitars at the very end :) I am more than okay with that, is it is really cool to sit back and hear how another artist interprets your music. This mix is one of my current favs from ‘beauty re-envisioned’! It will appear on both the CD and Vinyl version.


“This song seems to strike a great balance between male and female like ying and yang. The music is male-driven and Tish Ciravolo's vocals round that out, icing over that fine line between delicacy and firepower. This is both a very lyrical song while being a powerhouse track. There is great contrast on this song and I think the emotion and development here could resonate with anyone listening. The lyrics have a good message and are delivered in the most hopeful tone. I wanted to underline that feeling through this remix.“ … Alex Kretov / Ummagma

Hear a bit of ‘LOOK UP’ (Ummagma Mix) below:

Alex and Shauna of UMMAGMA

Alex and Shauna of UMMAGMA

Michael Ciravolo