MONDAY Q&A 4/29/19

Q:  I bought your album the week it came out and I wanted to say it still spends a lot of time on in my car on my drives.  It really still grows on me and I still seem to hear something new each listen.  I wanted to ask how you still feel about the record now that it is 6 months old?


A:  Thank you for your kind words!  I always judge an album by its longevity and it is really cool that FBIC is doing that for you.   It’s been out for 6 months, but I lived it for a year prior!!  Honestly, I’m really still extremely proud of this album.  I don’t really find myself listening to individual songs, but this weekend I had to drive some studio gear to a friend’s house and I was able to listen to the full record on my drive.  For some reason, I am able to ‘hear’ this record differently than the other records I have been on.  I used to find myself ‘zeroing’ in on parts, thinking ‘I should have done this or that’… as opposed to listening as a ‘listener’ if that make sense?  With FBIC, I am able to separate my involvement and just enjoy it.  Probably because I am a fan of everyone involved.  Being the curator does have its benefits!  I get what you mean about hearing something new each time, as I really noticed how great Evi’s back-up vocals are on the bridge of ‘The Long Goodbye’!


Michael Ciravolo