Q:  Seems like you intentionally shy away from promoting or being involved much with BEAUTY IN CHAOS is Spotify and other streaming services.  How do you feel about the way fans buy or listen to music today?


A:  Wow .. that is a bit if a ‘loaded’ question as I think it is hard for most artists to express their views on this topic without sounding like that are bitching or complaining.  I’ll say this about the topic in general… I think there is something really off or missing in the way people consume music now.  Probably dating myself, but WTF!  It used to big deal to purchase an album.  I actually had to mow two lawns sometimes to get the $10 to purchase a record. It made it mean a lot more to me I think.  Also finding out of cool bands was different pre-social media.  You read magazines, talked to friends, etc … now you are handed a list of 1000 bands what the note ‘you may also like ..”.  There was something more satisfying about discovering a band, then going back into their catalog and even their influences.  The ‘value’ placed on music seems to be at an all-time low. Kids today (wow … that sounds like something my Dad would say!) spend time finding music free, yet gladly pay for overpriced coffee.  I don’t get it.  It seems to be all about the ‘single’, where I used to love delving into the deep album tracks.  I guess we are fortunate that the fans that like BIC do seem to enjoy and ‘get’ the benefit of owning the physical versions.. as opposed to simply ‘streaming’.   I think this is the case of all independent bands, not just BIC.  If fans don’t support the artist by purchasing the CDs and Vinyl … the Artists will simply be forced to go the ‘digital only’ route which to me is a real shame.   This probably didn’t directly answer your question, but it is somewhat if a hot-button with me 😊

Michael Ciravolo