WEDNESDAY's WORDS from TIM PALMER about his 'STORM' (Vampyre Mix) !

“It was great to get the call from Beauty in Chaos to do some remixes for the ‘Re-envisioned’ album. In the 80’s doing a '12 inch Remix' was par for the course, but to do a remix these days is a rare treat.  it was time to be creative and just have fun with the song, ‘Storm’ was already one of my favorite songs from the album, so it was going to be interesting. I added some new guitar textures, new keyboards and some percussion to complement the song. I wanted to give some new flavors, but at the same time keep the song as powerful as the original version. I also came up with a fresh groove for the M8 (middle 8th) that takes the section to a new space. The intro now has some crazy backwards stuff that I really enjoy. Late nights and good times!” … Tim Palmer

Tim is one of may favorite all-time producers, with The Mission’s ‘God’s Own Medicineand ‘Carved In Sand being two of my ‘desert island’ records. Having him involved on this album .. and really being the spark for this album is beyond cool! …. Michael Ciravolo, curator / Beauty In Chaos

Hear a bit of Tim’s remix of ‘Storm’ ft. Ashton Nyte below …

Michael Ciravolo