… like sands thru the hour glass I guess, impatience setting in hard as the release of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ is a day under 6 weeks away!

A Schecter related business trip took up most of my time during the week, but we did get to do a photoshoot with the extremely talented Anabel DFlux on Thursday. This should allow me to use a few new pics for the album promo. Michael and I did get to spend a few hours after the shoot to nearly massage a new track into where we want it to be as I an old friend, Steven Seibold of Hate Dept. made an introduction to one of the singers on my ‘wish list’. Can’t say who as it is not yet confirmed but we did speak and she is interested in the possibility and enjoyed FBIC. Yeah, I said ‘she’ :) I also look forward to working with Seibold on something BIC.

Our next video, the (almost) acoustic version of ‘Storm’ ; featuring Ashton Nyte, is ready and will debut soon I promise. I had mentioned the possibility of at least one more video from ‘beauty re-envisioned’, and to me there is a song on this record that is something very special … and if I can put together all of the ‘moving pieces’ to make it happen … will happen, and will be incredibly amazing to be part of. More on this soon.

Finally, I also wanted to make sure to highlight our ‘Wednesday’s Words’ post this week HERE … some nice words from Tim Palmer on his mixes and remixes on ‘beauty re-envisioned’. He is seriously one of may favorite all-time producers. I used to spend hours with headphones listening to The Mission’s ‘God’s Own Medicine’ and ‘Carved in Sand’, trying to figure out how Tim treated the guitars and Wayne’s vocals. Blessed to now call him a friend and to have him be part of BIC. Unbeknownst to him, he is the reason this album actually happened. You can read my thoughts on that HERE.

Hear a bit of Tim’s ‘Vampyre' Mix’ of ‘Storm’ below..


Michael Ciravolo