MONDAY Q&A 5-13-19

Q: I listened to the short sample of your acoustic version of ‘Storm’. I really enjoyed how this song, which is my favorite off of the album, is presented here. Will there be any other ‘acoustic’ versions of songs on ‘beauty re-envisioned’ ?

A: I’m really glad you like both versions of ‘Storm’! It is a very important song to be, and equally important in the genesis stage of Beauty In Chaos. The almost acoustic version is one of my favorite off the record, and I think the song and video is perfect to exemplify the wide scope of ‘beauty re-envisioned’. I really wanted it to be far more than just ‘dance club’ remixes. To answer your question, yes there are a couple of complete rerecorded versions that to me, are gorgeous. In addition to ‘Storm’, there is a beautiful piano version of ‘The Long Goodbye’ and a stunning pedal-steel driven rendition of Evi Vine’s ‘I Will Follow You’. Remember, you can hear some bits of all twenty-five (25) tracks HERE.


Michael Ciravolo