WEDNESDAY's WORDs from SOUNDS of SPUTNIK about their 'MAN OF FAITH' remix!

“First out, I should start out by saying that the original version was superb so of course we wanted to remix it. I wanted to change the harmony of the chorus in a way that, in my opinion, emphasizes Wayne Hussey's vocals, making them a little more expressive, which is important because the text of 'Man of Faith' entails a very strong and deep emotional experience. I left Simon Gallup's tremendous bass intact in each verse, because it is just perfect. We added more expressive drums, as well as several guitar parts, played by guitarist Sasha Ivanov. In Russian, we call this "insert your 3 kopecks". I suppose that would translate as "put your two bits in" in English. Overall we are thrilled to be part of the colossal ground-breaking project that is Beauty in Chaos. We're thrilled that now this beautiful chaos has come to Russia!” … Roman Kalitkin (Sounds of Sputnik)


Michael Ciravolo