Even though I spent most of this week in Bronxville, NY moving our oldest daughter our her dorm for the summer, some great things happened for BIC!

Our friends at JAMMERZINE debuted another track from ‘beauty re-envisioned’ .. “Drifting Away'“! The Synthetic Capricorn Mix was done by Paul Wiley, the guitarist of Marilyn Manson, and The Black Queen’s Stephen Alexander Ryan. I really love the direction they took this track in, which features Robin Zander of Cheap Trick on lead vocals! Van Halen’s Michael Anthony adds his signature tenor backing vocals. Ashton Nyte’s cool chorus counter line (‘now I am …), which was used sparingly in the original version on ‘FBIC’, is also featured, as is Marc Danzeisen’s (Riverdogs) Sgt. Pepperesque bridge vocals.

You can hear the FULL track HERE!

Also, the ‘bonus tracks’, which are part of the digital version of ‘beauty re-envisoned’ (Note: only available when you purchase the vinyl, CD or digital download from the BEAUTY IN CHAOS STORE) has increased to eleven (11) ! We are happy to announce that Statik (from Collide) has added his third remix to the album, with a beautiful electro-fueled version of Heliotrope’ featuring Betsy Martin (Caterwaul / Purr Machine). Check out a taste of it here …

In case you missed Wednesday’s Words post … we shared a glimpse into Russia’s Sounds of Sputnik’s remix of ‘Man Of Faith’. They did a really cool ‘alt-rock’ charged version, adding some very cool guitars and drums. Check it our HERE and hear a bit too.

We should be debuting our 2nd video, the acoustic version of ‘Storm’ shortly … and the 6/21 release date of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ is a mere 5 weeks away! PRE-ORDER YOURS HERE and get an immediate download of the haunting Ghost Mix of ‘Bloodless And Fragile’ !


Michael Ciravolo