MONDAY Q&A 5/20/19

Q: You often site Michael Rozon as a key component of Beauty In Chaos. I was curious as to how you met and if you have worked on other projects with him?

A: Wow, that’s a brilliant question! Yes, key is an understatement. Truer words never spoken than what I said on the linear notes of FBIC. This record would not have been possible without him. As far how we meet … wow, that’s a story! It was in the the early ‘90s if my memory serves me, and it usually does. I was in a band called Twist In Vain. We where actually a really good band and did have label interest and all of that stuff. Substance abuses and a record industry that did not really know what to do post-grunge doomed the band. As my frustation grew, Tish (who was my girlfriend at the time) saw a flyer at a rehearsal room she was at of a band looking for a guitarist. She called the add and left a message about how great of a guitar player her boyfriend was. I was a bit pissed that she called an ad, but she convinced me listen to the song that was one their answer machine message which was actually quite good. I think I eventually tailed to the drummer of the band and invited them to come see a Twist in Vain show at Club Lingerie in Hollywood. The ‘substance abuse’ reared its head again, even though we had several labels there to see us, and I finally snapped and ended my guitar on the back wall at the end of the last song. I found myself pissed off and pacing outside the club on Sunset Blvd. telling Tish I was ‘f*cking quitting this fcking band’.white A minute later the drummer I had spoken with and another guy with a cane and wearing surgical gloves (ie: Michael Rozon) walked up and said I needed to join their band Drain The Doves. I went to one rehearsal the next week and said I was in.

Michael and I hit it off great, but the ‘live’ version of DTD lasted only 3 shows as he was not really interested in singing anymore. The ‘band’ ended, but he and I continued to work in the studio. We deconstructed the Smith’s ‘How Soon Is Now’ for a Cleopatra completion . HEAR IT HERE.

We also recorded 4 tracks that we planned for an EP, but it never was released as I returned to Human Drama and also started touring with Gene Loves Jezebel. Michael, Tim Perry (33.3 Records) and I where actually discussing how we met a few weeks ago and there is ‘talk’ of possibly released the ‘lost’ Drain The Doves tracks. We’ll see I guess.

Michael is family to me and besides being a world class producer and engineer, he has the ability to pull things from me in the studio that no one can … just short of me smashing something ! :)


Michael Ciravolo