MONDAY Q&A 1/14/19

Q:  I am a big fan of Zakk Wylde and his guitar playing.  How did you get him to play on your record and how does is metal guitar style fit in with Beauty in Chaos ?


A:  Zakk is amazing.  He has a larger-than-life personality and is one of the nicest and hardest working guys I have met in this business.  One of the last true guitar heroes, Great family man, and I am Blessed to call him a friend.  I met him as Schecter builds is Wylde Audio brand of guitars.  Through this, he and I have become good friends.  He is simply a monster guitar player!  Statik from the band Collide was doing a remix of the track ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ … which already features dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Pete Parada (Offspring) and Ice T!  I had already asking Zakk if he would play on next record … which I plan to loosen the reigns of guitars and synths.  When Statik agreed to remix this song, and Zakk was available … seemed to be perfect timing.  It is probably the ‘heaviest’ song on FBIC, so Zakk’s style fits perfectly.  He plays more notes on this solo than I do on the entire record!  Seriously, watching him work … creating the solo in sections was really something to behold and very entertaining!   This remix is simply brutal and Zakk’s solo takes it next level.

Michael Ciravolo