… short and sweet as to not repeat!!

lots of work on ‘beauty re-envisioned’; the cover concept coming together and got to hear the final Kevin Haskins’s Fall & Sway’ remix of the alum’s title and closing track ‘finding beauty in chaos’, with some beautiful ambient guitar textures by former Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle guitarist Danny Lohner. Also the brilliantly brutal ‘Collide’ remix by Statik of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ .. which now has the ultra strange bedfellows of Ice T, Zakk Wylde and DuG Pinnick together!

Also, Michael Rozon and I recorded some super-cool New Orleans style piano on a track that I think we really surprise many! A few more ingredients to add to this one :)

Also, thrilled to see ‘finding beauty in chaos’ making many sites and blog’s ‘Best Of 2018’ lists, including several #1s … and being named ‘Supergroup of 2018’ by The Big Takeover!

Finally had a wonderful Skype call this morning with our publicist, the lovely Shauna from Shameless Promotion PR! We have a great gameplan to continue spreading and evolving BEAUTY IN CHAOS this year and beyond! I can’t recommend her company highly enough for all of my artist friends out there!

Hopefully a few more videos to come too …


Michael Ciravolo