MONDAY Q&A 1/1/19


Q: What is the hardest part about recording this record? Is it the mixing? The writing? Wondering if a part should have been different? Being concerned what people will think?

A:   Actually, other than the time constraints with my Schecter and home responsibilities … the writing, recording and mixing went really smooth.  It certainly helped immensely having Michael Rozon handle the recording and mixing.  I have said before … he’s world-class.  Thankfully I did not have any shortage of musical ideas as the record was not initially planned to be a double record … it just morphed.  I don’t think any artist goes into a project concerned about what others think.  It’s certainly is nice to hear that people do like what we created here, but I set out to please myself first.   Again, not out of ego; just wanted to challenge myself that I could do this .. especially in the ‘constraints’ I placed on this record.  Could things have been different or better?  I’m sure things could be different … but better?  I don’t know, I love how this turned out and again, Michael (Rozon) didn’t let me get away with much!  There are some off-the-cuff first take parts that I stood firm that I thought has some ‘magic’, but for most parts I trusted his judgement and his ear.  Honestly the hardest part of this entire thing is has been getting it out to the ‘record buying public’ , whatever that is anymore!  I do look forward to the new challenge of writing new songs and working with some new singers  … not to say some that are part of FBIC won’t be involved on the next one.


Michael Ciravolo