BIC BLOG 1/5/19

well it’s been a week of studio work starting off 2019!

Beautiful New Year’s Eve party at Tyler Bates’ house, with not only my family, but Ashton Nyte and his, BIC Producer and more Michael Rozon and his beautiful lady Kiki, and 33.3’s Tim Perry and his lovely wife Misty.

We started the week off by tracking viola and violin on ‘The Long Goodbye’ (Forevermore) with Ms. Lyn Bertles , who also played on the HUMAN DRAMA ‘Broken Songs For Broken People’ album. This track is a piano/vocal version of the amazing song that appears on ‘finding beauty in chaos’. Wayne.Hussey’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and I sort of surprised myself with a few Gilmour-inspired guitar bits at the end. Michael Rozon will be in the studio later today recording bowed upright bass … sort of filling in for the cello on the beautiful string arrangement he wrote for this song.

I got to hear two almost-complete remixes of ‘Look Up’ by Kitty Lectro and ‘Drifting Away’ by Purr Machine’s Kevin Kipnis. I have also been promised Kevin Haskins re-interpretation of ‘finding beauty in chaos’, which I have been told will have some additional guitar textures added by former NIN guitarist Danny Lohner.

Highlight of the week for me was having my friend Mr. Zakk Wylde in the studio yesterday. Zakk is one, if not the best and most recognizable hard rock guitarist in the word. Such a monster player and Blessed that he made the time to come in right off the road with Ozzy. He added a blistering solo to Statik’s remix of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’. Watching Zakk ‘construct’ his guitar solo was a thing of beauty to behold. Arguably one of my best solos on FBIC, I was more than happy to hit the DELETE button and pass the baton to Zakk! Having dUg Pinnick, Ice T AND Zakk on this high octane remix is pretty fucking cool in my book!

‘beauty re-envisioned’ has certainly grown and morphed into a larger undertaking than I had even imagined. It will be over 20 tracks …. a very cool mixture IMO. Now it is working on track running order, etc.. As it stands now, the digital version will have some additional mixes not available on the CD. An then there’s the vinyl ? All good problems to have!

Also kicking around a few more possible video concepts ….


Michael Ciravolo