Un-Natural Disaster


water falling down,

its never gonna stop,

people walking

water in waste

the alligators

ants and snakes,

water over flowing,

the winds swirl around

I can’t believe,

cites under water

its raining

will it ever stop,

everybody waiting

where do they go from there,

people we know

some didn’t make it,

helicopters in the air

people are saved,

yeah yeah yeah yeah

citys under water

This ain’t just rain

This shits insane

The clouds have opened for days and days

The city’s streets are a liquid maze

I sit and watch as they fade away

Families left homeless screams and cries

Harvey comes people lose their lives

Hell from the heavens as the body count grows

Watch news at eleven for the final death toll

a major hunker down,

survival, destruction,

no matter where its at,

no matter what the season

many came to help

from everywhere,

its totally human,

and people really care

I can’t believe,

cites under water

yes its true

yeah yeah yeah yeah

citys under water



(Pinnick / Ice-T / Ciravolo) c2018

dUG Pinnick: voices and bass guitar

Ice-T: voice

Michael Ciravolo: guitars and percussion

Pete Parada: live drums

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Michael Rozon

Additional recording by dUG Pinnick, Pete Parada and John Aquilino