BIC BLOG 1/19/19

weird weird week … my youngest daughter back at college and I take my oldest to airport tomorrow to fly back to NY for school. Next time I see her she will be 21. Where did the time go??? I was on tour with Gene Loves Jezebel back then …. wow.

I’m sincerely Blessed to be the father of these two amazing young ladies and the fact that they are on the cover of ‘finding beauty in chaos’ is the thing about this record that is the most dear to me.

Michael and I still working on the last few songs that we are mixing for ‘beauty re-envisioned’ … and I got to hear a fantastic stark and 'cold’ remix of ‘Look Up’ by DJ Kitty Lectro. This is going to make a great addition to this record!

Our PRESS ROOM has been updated with some of the most recent news and review too!

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Planning for the 4th video from FBIC too!



Michael Ciravolo