MONDAY Q&A 1/21/19

Q:  How does working on the songs again as remixes compare to the original?  More or less pressure?  Are you enjoying this process?


A:  I don’t really feel any pressure per say , as I have sort of released control to the various producers, artists and Deejays.  It is certainly exciting to hear how each interrupt, reconstruct and reconstruct the songs.  I am happy to give my input and suggestions when asked.  To be clear, it is not every song from FBIC that will be on ‘beauty re-envisioned’; and there are multiple versions of several songs.  It has certainly blossomed into something bigger than I thought it would be … but that seems to be a BIC thing!

I do really love some of the re-recorded versions that will be part of this diverse record.  The ‘acoustic’ version of ‘Storm’ that Ashton and I did is beautiful, as is the ‘piano’ version of ‘The Long Goodbye’.  I know this record is now a long listen and every mix certainly won’t be for everyone… but I do think many will really enjoy.



Michael Ciravolo