BIC BLOG 1/27/19

Crazy week here for sure!

We are trying to do the final mix on '‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir)” and Mr. Rozon working hard to get it just right. Down to only a few things to complete and then we can focus on the track running order for “beauty re-envisioned’. I also got to see some mock-ups of the cover and that is evolving into exactly what I have pictured.

This week I was in Anaheim, California for the Winter Musical Instrument trade show .. N.A.M.M. Lots of late nights, gear talk and far too much rum! Did get to see a lot of friends … and we had our annual Schecter party at The Grove. Silvertomb (featuring Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly from TYPE O NEGATIVE) rocked hard … and BODY COUNT was INSANE! I finally got to thank ICE T in person for being part of BIC and adding his verbal venom to ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ He even made time to shot some footage of his part in the song so now Director Vicente Cordero and I are discussing a new video!!

I got to do my best Stiv Bators voice, joining The Angry Samoans on stage at the Friday Night Schecter Party at The Juke Joint on two DEAD BOYS classics. I also had a bit of time to see some of my friends at other companies … to say hi and check out some new bits of gear to help paint and create the next BIC record.

Finally, after playing guitar since my early teens, I was featured for the very first time in the newest issue of GUITAR WORLD magazine. It is one the newsstands (KISS on cover) now!

And BTW ,,, ‘finding beauty in chaos’ was released 4 months ago tomorrow … so I have heard that 33.3 will be doing some sort of sale to get any of you that have not for whatever reason decided to own this for yourself!


Michael Ciravolo