MONDAY Q&A 1/28/19

Q:  I saw your feature in the GUITAR WORLD magazine.  Very cool and I am surprised this is the first time!!  I did read you talk about no synths on this album, so can you tell me a little bit about how you accomplished this as I think I hear keyboards on several of the songs?


A:  Well thank you for your kind words.  I have been in the big guitar magazines before, but always talking about Schecter Guitar, so I guess the kid in me thinks the article about the album is cool!  I’m glad they caught the fact about some of the ‘first’ this record brought, and also the ‘no synths used’ that you are asking about.  Really we got these sounds by a wide array of pedals that some great companies were kind enough to send to me.  Th EHX Mel-9 certainly got used a lot … big part of the mellotron sound on ‘Memory Of Love’ and also the orchestral strings on ‘The Long Goodbye’.  Lots of other pedals certainly added to the flavors; along with being played with an Ebow, a real viola bow and also a super cool ‘bowing’ device called the Gizmotron.   While all of these devices certainly are a big part, I think the overlooked part is the actual parts!  BIC Producer Michael Rozon certainly helped me with some of the theory behind the notes and delvery to make the guitar parts far more realistic.  He has a great ear and mind for that!


Michael Ciravolo