BIC BLOG 2/2/19

powered thru this post-NAMM week, working more on some final remixes/re-envisions that Michael and I are doing. One of these will be a really big surprise and very near and dear to my heart, Also planning another video shoot with Vicente Cordero, who did our other 3 videos. This one is going to be really different I think, and will also touch ‘home’ a bit.

writing this blog today from a cabin in the woods of Lake Arrowhead, were my wife and I have got away to celebrate our 20th year wedding anniversary! She is finalizing her book and I have set up a small writing studio to begin some work on new material for the next BEAUTY IN CHAOS record. Pretty cool as its raining and supposed to start snowing soon…. seems like the perfect backdrop to create! From what I have read a about this house we are staying in, it has an amazing ‘past’. It was owned by the late Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille) (yes, the Captain and Tennille). The current owners said that Elvis and some of The Beatles visited here when the Captain and Tennille owned it … who knows, but this place has a beautiful creative vibe.

… just hope we don’t get snowed in as we are shooting some video on Tuesday !




Michael Ciravolo