MONDAY Q&A 2/4/19

Q: I read that you are beginning to work on new songs. What can we expect and will you follow in the footsteps of the first record with no keyboards and many singers? I do enjoy that album very much.

A: I am happy you enjoy ‘finding beauty in chaos’, and I do hope you own a copy of it! :) Yes, as we are finalizing and compiling all of the remixes and versions for ‘beauty re-envisioned’, I took the time on my 4-day getaway to continue to work on some new song ideas. It is certainly my vision and hope for BEAUTY IN CHAOS to be an evolving entity with a revolving cast of singers and musicians. Many of the great artists that are part of FBIC have expressed a desire to part of the next record, and I also hope that with the notice and critical accolades this record has received, it will open the door to new members of the BIC family. I certainly have my ‘wish list’ of artists, but I also spent some time this weekend listening to some singers suggested to me. We will see where this goes, but YES, BIC will continue with multiple singers. As for as synths, I will certainly continue to strive to create interesting textures with guitar, but synths won’t be banned from this record like the first one! I have also been writing using drum machines, and I do like the ‘stiffness and constraint’. Processing these machines thru some of my twisted devices are certainly yielding some stark soundscapes that are taking shape. As for your question as to what to expect … maybe its a cliche’ answer but expect the unexpected! What a mean is I do want BIC to evolve and explore, and I don’t want to carbon-copy FBIC. Elements of our debut record will certainly be there, as for good or bad, it is who I am, but new elements will certainly be injected. I am honestly still searching for what ‘creative limitations’ I impose on this record…. BIC Producer Michael Rozon and I have half-joked over some red wine about actually treating ProTools as a 24-track tape machine, limiting the amount of tracks we have available. FBIC is such a dense and ‘wide’ sounding recording, the idea, at least right now appeals to me to have some starker songs… or maybe its just because I’ve been listening to the Cure’s ‘Pornography’ and ‘Faith’ as of late :)

Michael Ciravolo