MONDAY Q&A 9/30/19

Q: I really love the new video! My friend and I are wondering what ‘the long goodbye’ is about? I think it is about the passing of a loved one, but she disagrees. Can you shed some light on this please?

A: I am really happy you like the video! I am really proud of what we created here and do love this song. As far as what is is about? Mr. Hussey did pen these lyrics, which I think are fantastic btw. I think the best lyrics are written a bit vague, meaning allowing the listener to interpret them as it relates to their life. I am not really a fan of overly literal lyrics. I think Wayne is a master of the open-ended lyric. I think I said in an interview what I thought it was about, but that was only how I equated them to my experiences. I am sure how you and your friend relate is absolutely what Wayne meant the lyrics to be! :)


Michael Ciravolo