BIC BLOG 9/28/19

Well, still hard to believe that our debut ‘finding beauty in chaos’ was released one year ago yesterday! It has certainly been a wonderfully amazing year! Two albums and now seven videos! I guess that would be eight if you count Jammerzine’s behind-the-scenes documentary! We also released an ‘Instrumental’ version, which some have dubbed Karaoke Chaos :) You can get it HERE.

We are excited to mark FBIC’s anniversary with the release of our latest video ‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir) featuring The Mission’s Wayne Hussey. I’m so proud of this song and the video. Stunning job (again) by Industrialism Film’s Vicente Cordero and Leslie Gladney. They managed to bring my scattered and lofty vision to life in this video. As a long time Mission fan, Wayne’s voice has never sounded better, and my BIC cohort, Michael Rozon’s string arrangement is world class!

If you haven’t seen the video yet, please watch it HERE and/or at the end of this blog!

Many thanks to our friends at these fantastic publications for their continued belief and support in BIC. Please read them as they are quite insightful and each one has their own take on it!


And of course, eternal thanks to Mr. Hussey for not only being a big part of this video, but for ‘premiering’ the video on all of The Mission’s social platforms!

Speaking of Mr. Hussey, he and fellow BIC partner Ashton Nyte continue their amazing jaunt across the European continent. I am proud and just a tad jealous! Check out their remaining tour dates HERE.

As for BIC, Michael and I are hard at work mixing the new single ‘the delicate balance of all things’, which we plan to release in late November along with an accompanying video. God willing, there will be a new Beauty In Chaos EP out by early February 2020!

To end my rather wordy rant today, I want to introduce a friend of BIC, Ms. Kat Leon from Holy Wars. She has just released her solo EP, ‘This Is How The World Ends’ . You can also see the video for the title track HERE. She brings an amazing voice and deep, powerful lyrics…. which should have a place in future BIC.

'mystery' track from BONUS RE-ENVISIONS with Wayne Hussey and Tish Ciravolo: vocals / Simon Gallup: bass. Michael Ciravolo: guitars /Kitty Lectro: drum programming, synths / remixed by KITTY LECTRO. Get your digital version HERE.

Michael Ciravolo