MONDAY Q&A 9/23/19

Q:  Curious why you decided to release the instrumental versions of the album? I did enjoy listening to it by the way.

A:  First, thank you for getting it!  With 'finding beauty in chaos' turning 1 year old later this month, it just seemed the time was right.  It felt like a nice 'bookend' to it the release.  We have had the instrumental versions ready from the beginning, as we also had them mastered along with the full versions.  At one point, 33.3 considered adding a 2nd CD to 'FBIC', but opted to instead put the money into nicer packaging.  We have used the instrumental versions for movie/tv placements and we have them if we ever 'lip-synch' on a TV show 😊   I'm still really proud of the soundscapes we created without the use of synths; and this allows our friends and fans to hear the tracks as they where given to each singer.  I gave it a listen a few nights ago and I think it really highlights the engineering and production sonic skills of Michael Rozon. 


Michael Ciravolo