BIC BLOG 9/21/19

hanging outside this morning in the rather boring ‘sunny and 75*’ LA weather with a large cup of coffee and my pups. Next Friday (9/27) will mark the 1 year anniversary of the release of our debutfinding beauty in chaosalbum, Reflecting a bit on all of the great people BIC has brought together. Not just the amazing artists involved, but lots of great people .. fans, journalists, DJs, etc that have become friends and are truly part of the BIC family. Something that was born out of frustration quickly turned into a true blessing!

I also remember the 1000+ hours Michael Rozon and I spent for the better part of a year prior to FBIC’s release. Overcoming some tragedies and obstacles would be an understatement, but Michael and I had an absolute blast making this record. He pushed me to musical places I did not think I could go; and looking back now I didn’t realize how bad I needed that... to make this record. I am forever grateful and still in serious sonic-awe at his talent as a musician, engineer, producer and a friend. How he is not doing major records is an absolute travesty.

Maybe it is all of the above that got me to think now is the time to release the instrumental version of FBIC. I listened to this a few days ago and I am extremely proud of the ‘soundscapes’ we created without a single synthesizer. I still think many of these songs would be create on the big or little screen as they sill invoke a very cinematic quality… or maybe it was just the red wine? So now you can hear all fourteen songs as they were given to the singers. Call it Karaoke Chaos if you will! !

Get your digital download version HERE!

Also, if you don’t have a copy of FBIC, the instrumental version will now be included with any purchase of the CD, Vinyl or Digital.

We are also in the final stages of editing the video for ‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir) from ‘beauty re-envisioned’. This beautiful version features an amazing vocal performance by Wayne Hussey and a wonderful string arrangement written by Mr. Rozon. We plan to debut the video before the end of the month.

Back to reflecting for a moment … that will make seven videos we created from these songs. I like to think each one is uniquely different. If you haven’t seen them, please take a look HERE. A big thank you to Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films for helping make these a reality!

I also posted the ‘mystery track’ from ‘bonus re-envsionsHERE. ‘Darknesses’ is a brilliant dance club/mash-up of ‘Man Of Faith’ and ‘Look Up’, with some very cool programming and synths by the talented Kitty Lectro. If you want the track for your collection you can get it HERE. Please pass it on to DJs as I think this could get some play in dark wave clubs!

Enough for now and hopefully we will be back in SAINTinLA Studio next week to resume work on our next EP!


Michael Ciravolo