MONDAY Q&A 9/16/19

Q: You've brought together so many amazingly talented artists, do you see yourself inviting any other artists to join BIC in the future? Also, will we ever get to see Beauty In Chaos perform live?

A: Honestly as I look back at what we created with our debut ‘finding beauty in chaos’; which is 11 days away from turning 1 year old .. it is something very special. I certainly don’t say this from ego, but from a fan’s point, as I am indeed a fan of these amazing artists and what they brought to this record. So many surreal moments and ‘firsts’! I don’t think this can ever be topped or recreated … at least not on the scale of ‘FBIC. With that said, Michael Rozon and I are certainly committed and excited about future BIC! We are well into our next EP, which does feature new songs with both Wayne Hussey and Ashton Nyte. We have the other 3 songs in the hands of some singers, but I’ll wait on saying anymore here until their tracks come back. ‘FBIC’ and ‘beauty re-envisioned’ have received some nice accolades from the press … which I am hoping will open the doors to some artists outside my immediate circle. I certainly have my ‘big name wish list’, but there is certainly no guarantee that will happen, but these records and artists involved have certainly put some new talented singer/lyricists on our radar. I do have a real strong vision of what I would like this next EP, and even the follow up to be. I just feel blessed to be in the position to make music and to have fun again with it! As far as bringing BIC to the live stage, unlike a year ago … it is something I would like to see happen. BIC is something different and special … and would have to be done right to be fair to not only the artists involved, but to our friends and fans that have made this special. So to answer that part of your question … all I can say right now is that I hope so!


Michael Ciravolo