BIC BLOG 9/14/19

… a weirdly reflective week in BIC world as our finding beauty in chaos album nears its one year birthday. A bit hard to believe as it still seems ‘new’ to me in many ways. With our girls now in Chicago, Tish and I reflected a bit last night over a few beverages just how blessed we are and the many of the surreal moments that have been and continue to be part of this journey.

WIth my BIC cohort Michael Rozon hard at work with Al Jourgensen on the new Ministry record, I’ve set me sights on getting my home studio; SAINT2 completely functional. We are also working on our new video for ‘the long goodbye’ (au revoir). I got to see a bit of the first rough edit last night and I think this one will be great. I so love this song and especially this version, I really want to do the song justice. Working again the the great people at Industrialism Films, We strive to make each video a bit different from its predecessor, and I am confident this one will do just that. We should have this one released before the end of September.

If you haven’t seen the our other videos, which until I figure out if and how to bring BIC to the live stage, are the ‘face’ of this project … please check them out HERE.

Unable to sit still for very long, I decided to put up a simple clip of the ‘mystery’ track available only on our now-sold-out ‘bonus re-envisions’. This sort of re-mix/mash-up is by the amazing Kitty Lectro. Dubbed ‘darknesses’ (from Wayne’s ‘man of faith’ lyric “… cuz we all got darknesses to hide ourselves in’) .. the cool dance floor inspired track features Wayne Hussey, Simon Gallup and Tish Ciravolo. Ms. Lectro adds some cool hypnotic beats and syths too. Check it out below…. PLAY LOUD and SHARE!


Michael Ciravolo