BIC BLOG 10/5/19

contrary to what I told not only myself but also 33.3 Music Collective, Mr. Rozon and I started another song this week. It seems his schedule with Ministry opened up a bit and I did not feel as squeezed by my self-imposed timelines (hopefully this does not bite me in the arse later). To date, we have the vocal tracks back for four songs, two being the songs I have mentioned; the delicate balance of all things (ft. Wayne Hussey) and the outside (ft. Ashton Nyte) along with two others I have not mentioned. I am so very happy with where this record is going. Deep and dark … with great lyrics. I really wanted it to be more ‘linear’ musically, without the ‘grand’ choruses of ‘FBIC’, a record to evoke a mood, a feel .. and even a ‘temperature’ if that makes sense? With that, it will be at lease four songs and possibly up to six!

Lately, I have become a bit intrigued (obsessed?) with some DIY sound machines, well ‘machines’ might be a a bit of a stretch! I have an idea about adding some interlude sections of sound to link or morph the songs together a bit. We’ll see if this actually works out or if I just annoy my wife and pups!

In case you missed these earlier in the week, the great people at TORCHED MAGAZINE and DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE did very nice features on our recent videos! You can read them at their respective links above.

Earlier this week, our label, 33.3 Music Collective graciously agreed to run a week long sale on BOTH ALBUMS in all formats. From my understanding, the special ‘birthday’ sale runs thru midnite PST tomorrow. Visit the BIC STORE to get yours if you don’t already own them or please share with a friend who might enjoy!.

To wrap today… I want to congratulate Ryan Martin and JAMMERZINE / JAMMER DIRECT as their content will soon be be prebundled in Samsung's TV Plus entertainment service making it available on all Samsung smart TVs! This is a great thing for all of the Independent Music they support. Ryan’s belief, love and support of not only BIC, but so many Indie artists is simply awe-inspiring! If you have not seen their in-depth documentary ‘behind the beauty, remixing the chaos’ please watch HERE.


a meeting of minds!

a meeting of minds!

Michael Ciravolo