BIC BLOG 8/10/19

… a pretty wild and crazy week to say the least!

Over a 3-day span we shot two completely different videos and also recorded vocals for a new song!!

Mission main-man Wayne Hussey flew in from his home in Sao Palo to be part of these. Working again with Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films, we shot new videos for two songs off of beauty re-envisioned’ … first up was our new version of ‘20th Century Boy’, which features Marc Bolan’s son, Rolan Bolan on lead vocals. Being big T. Rex fans, both Wayne and I had a blast working with Rolan. Bright light, confetti and red wine abound in this fun ‘top of the pops’ inspired video! If editing goes as planned, this one will be released within the next few weeks! Extra special that not only did my wife Tish rock the bass, but both of our daughters did hair and makeup for all!

The second video up was the long goodbye’ (Au Revoir'). I must have heard this song 50 times during the filming and realized just how much I love this song. Wayne’s voice and lyrics, combined with a beautiful string arrangement by Michael Rozon are really something special. Visually stark, I am really looking forward to delving into the editing on this one. Love that my wife and our youngest daughter, Sophia join us in this one, along with 33.3 Music Collective’ Tim Perry’s daughters .. Scarlett and Savannah. Our plan is to have this one released before the end of September. Also some ‘inside information’ tells me that Wayne will be playing this song during some of his upcoming shows!

As we have mentioned, we are working on some new songs with plans of releasing a new Beauty In Chaos EP right around the end of the year. The first song of the 4 or 5 that will make up this record to be completed is called ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’. Wayne recorded some of this vocals at his home studio before coming to Los Angeles, but did some final parts here at SAINTinLA with Michael Rozon behind the board. We even captured some footage that just might spark a video!

A very hectic but magical week! I do want to express my sincerest appreciation to both Rolan and Wayne for being such a big part of this. Having Rolan tell me ‘I think my Dad would really dig this’ is another one of those surreal BIC moments.

Also big thanks in order for my dear friend Dan Schultz and Prop Heaven for the super cool props we used in both videos. Also to Gary and Studio Express for getting them to us and back in one piece! As always to Skyler, Carlos and Keshawn at Tiger Lab. Wonderful facility and even better people! So happy to be working with Vicente and Leslie again from Industrialism Films. This will make seven videos we have created with their help and look forward to more! To the lovely Anabel DFlux for her amazing photos and cameo! Also to Anthony (a/k/a Skum Love) for his help, lights and cometic relief :) Much thanks to Tim Perry, for not only the ‘loan’ of his two amazingly talented daughters, but for putting these records out! Finally to my beautiful wife and daughters for not only being involved but for their belief and support. None of this would mean much without you.

I do want to congratulate Ryan Martin and Jammer Direct. His tireless work and dedication to Independent music is inspirational! His shows are now getting picked up on various platforms around the world! If you haven’t seen his ‘behind the beauty remixing the chaos’ documentary please check it out HERE.

well off to the studio in a few to hopefully start the 5th and final (repeat that to myself over and over) track for the EP!



Michael Ciravolo