MONDAY Q&A 8/12/19

Q: I read in your weekly notes that Wayne Hussey has sung a new song for Beauty In Chaos. Is this going to be part of the darker record you have eluded to? Can you tell us anymore about?

A: First, thank you for reading the ‘blog’! I wonder sometimes if anyone does … but it has become sort of therapeutic for me to write it. My plans are to hopefully release an EP of new BIC material no later than early January 2020. I would honestly like to have a single out prior … shooting for mid-late November. Michael Rozon and I have four tracks pretty much ‘vocal’ ready, and just started the fifth track which I think will make a nice cohesive EP. I feel that since both ‘FBIC’ and ‘beauty re-envisioned’ are big release … lots of songs and minutes, that doing an EP makes sense. Honestly I have really excited to get new songs out, and am over the moon at the ‘feel’ of these new songs. I feel they are certainly darker , and Michael Rozon likes to call them ‘glorious’. I do know they are more ‘linear’ than the songs on ‘finding beauty in chaos’, by that I mean not the big obvious chorus sections. Even though I took off the self-imposed constraints of no synths, we are using the electric guitars in a lot of ways we did on FBIC, meaning guitar is still the main instrument! I sent one of the tracks, simply dubbed BIC-3 to Wayne a few weeks ago and it was returned now with the title ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’. He sang most of this song at his Sao Palo studio, and just did some touch-ups here last week. He told me he honestly likes this song even more than ‘Man Of Faith’ and ‘The Long Goodbye’. All good by me as I really love it! Not to give away too much, but there is another track in process with Ashton Nyte, currently dubbed ‘the outside’. I am confident one of these will be finished, hopefully with an accompanying video in November. Till then, we will have two additional videos from ‘beauty re-envisioned’ out shortly.

photo by    ANABEL DFLUX


Michael Ciravolo