BIC BLOG 8/17/19

As the sadness of the inevitable return of our daughters to college in a little over two weeks weighs heavy, coming home from the studio to find them watching ‘behind the beauty remixing the chaos’ on our big screen but I smile on my face. Hearing ‘Dad.. you are on Amazon!’ is pretty cool, and much like them learning Ice T was going to be on a song, Amazon seemed to also impressed them….. a bit :)

So yeah, this documentary produced by the great people at Jammer Direct, is now available to watch on a lot of platforms … now including Amazon Prime. Check out this post HERE to read more about it and for links. Seeing our daughter Sophia’s name listed as a director is pretty special too! Can’t thank Ryan Martin enough for making this all happen!

For our friends in the UK, it is also available on Amazon UK.

I want to wish my amazing, talented and beautiful wife Tish a ‘happy vow renewal’. My best friend and partner in the world. Could not do any of this without you!!

Lots going on as I get together later today with Leslie from Industrialism Films to hopefully get close to a a final edit for our new ‘20th Century Boy’ video, which features Rolan Bolan and Wayne Hussey. We had such a blast filming this and hope to have it out within 2 weeks!

Michael Rozon and I also had a real long studio night … and we are getting close to having the fifth and final track ‘sing ready’. I laid out timeline plans with both Michael and 33.3 Music Collective’s Tim Perry for us to release a single/video in late November, with an EP out late January or early February… God willing!

it also look’s like 33.3 will be releasing John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise next album, so it seems that we will now be label mates with Mr. Fryer. Good stuff!

Wayne’s European tour starts in less than two weeks, and also includes two dear friends and BIC partner’s Evi Vine and Ashton Nyte! So wish I was joining them!!! Rumors say there’s a chance you may get to hear ‘The Long Goodbye’ and maybe even ‘Storm’ at some of these shows. I am having more and more visions dancing thru my head of something in 2020. Till then … go see the show at one or more of the dates HERE! Hell, you many even win Wayne’s Schecter Signature 12-string guitar!!


‘20th Century Boy’  video at edit stage! Won’t be long now….

‘20th Century Boy’ video at edit stage! Won’t be long now….

Big Screen BIC!

Big Screen BIC!


Michael Ciravolo