MONDAY Q&A 8/19/18

Q: Hi, I purchased the limited edition ‘bonus re-envisions’ disc. I really love many of these mixes … and I especially like the unlisted ‘bonus’ mix. I deejay at a local club and have played that several times and the dance floor stays rockin! Can you tell me a bit about this track?

A: First, thank you for not only purchasing the disc, but playing the song at the club! This track is really the brainchild of DJ Kitty Lectro. She did two really fantastic remixes of “Look Up” and “Man Of Faith” on ‘beauty re-envisioned’ After the release, she sent over short rough sketch of another mix … that was sort of a mash-up of the two songs that she had all of the audio tracks of. I really thought it could be a something cool and encouraged her to finish it. She used some tracks that are buried or unused in the original versions, and created some new parts … either adding some synth line or running tracks through effects to create something new. She really zeroed in on Wayne’s lyric ‘‘Cos we’ve all got darknesses to hide ourselves in and Simon’s signature bass line from ‘Man Of Faith’. In fact, we dubbed the track ‘Darknessess’. She also uses some of Tish’s phrases from ‘Look Up’ in a very creative way. I think she’s extremely talanted and we have a cool, almost ‘New-Romantic’ dance club track here! I’m thinking about reaching out to fans to do a cool image-video for this one so we can share beyond the bonus disc.


Michael Ciravolo