BIC BLOG 8/25/19

a day late on the Blog this week! Our friend and PR lady, Ms. Shauna McLaron (Shameless Promotion PR) is in Los Angeles so Tish and I thought it would be nice to host a ‘BIC gathering) so she could meet many of the LA based artists that are part of the BIC family. It was a great evening and it just reaffirms to me how blessed I am to have these amazing artists involved and more importantly, call them friends. It was great seeing her recognize and converse with many that up until now she’s only written about.

We also finished the final edit of our ‘20th Century Boy’ video! It should premiere this coming week. I am really happy with it as it came out exactly as I had hoped. A great mix of fun and glam … and very ‘70s inspired! I think everyone will be able to tell that Rolan and Wayne had a blast making it! Big props again to Vicente and Leslie of Industrialism Films. I think we have managed to create some very cool and uniquely different videos with them. Now we are on to ‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir), which will certainly be a complete 180* from ‘20th Century Boy’. Really looking forward to diving into the edit on this one. I really love the song and especially this version/

Michael Rozon and I also put the final touches on the 5th (and I’m 99% sure) and final track for our next EP. All 5 tracks are now in the hands of some very talented singers/lyricists … and we are certainly on track to release a new single/video in November, as well as the EP in early February. I already have a title in mind that fits the ‘feel’ we are going for and also looking at some possible cover photos.

Wayne’s tour starts tomorrow and our dear friends and BIC peeps Evi Vine and Ashton Nyte will be supporting. Check HERE for tour dates! Besides having the chance to win Wayne’s Schecter 12string, I hear rumors that a couple of Beauty In Chaos songs might make it into their sets some nights. I would absolutley love if anyone could send or post a video when that happens!

more soon!


Wayne, Rolan and MC ….  twentieth century boys!

Wayne, Rolan and MC …. twentieth century boys!

Michael Ciravolo