MONDAY Q&A 8.26.19

Q: Hi, in some recent posts you mentioned the possibility of some live Beauty In Chaos shows. Any chance you will be coming to Europe to play with Wayne, Ashton and Evi ? That would be amazing to see!

A: Sadly no, While I would love to cross the pond just to see these three amazing artist perform, with my daughters moving to a new state for college, and trying to finish the BIC videos and EP … I just can’t get away. I’m really bummed as both Wayne and Ashton have mentioned the possibility playing some of our BIC songs in their sets. If they do, I really hope someone posts some video! As for live BIC, contrary to what I originally said/thought when this began, I am seriously looking at trying to make some live shows happen in both Europe and here in the states. It will take some doing and convincing but I am certainly going to try to make that happen in 2020!

Michael Ciravolo