MONDAY Q&A 8/5/19

Q:  Saw some photos and short clips of the new videos.  They look great!  How was it working with Rolan Bolan and Wayne Hussey?

A:  Thank you!  It has been a crazy few days doing two completely different style videos.  Rolan and Wayne were fantastic to work with and both seemed to have a great time doing this.  Both Wayne and I are big Marc Bolan / T. Rex fans and really wanted to be respectful of Rolan’s late father.  It was very cool to have him tell me he thought his dad would be proud of how much fun we were having with his song.  That made me feel really good … as this version and the ‘TOTP’-influenced video is certainly meant as a tribute to the impact Marc had on both Wayne and I.  We had a nice dinner and a few drinks after … just celebrating the beautiful chaos we filmed on Saturday.  We switched gears totally on Sunday for the Au Revoir version of ‘The Long Goodbye’.  I so love this song and this version is simply beautiful.  Really great seeing Wayne again and I’m very grateful that he made the trip from Brazil to do these two videos.  We also had some time Friday in our recording studio to finish up a new song that he wrote with us that will be on the next BIC EP.  Having Tish and I’s daughters involved on-camera and behind the scenes made this entire weekend that much better!

Michael Ciravolo