MONDAY Q&A 7/29/19

Q:  I watched the documentary on the remix record, which was really well done by the way.  My question is why did you decide to have Zakk Wylde play the solo? 

A:  Thank you for your kind words about the ‘making of’ documentary.  The crew at JAMMERZINE did a wonderful job with this.  As far as your question … WHY NOT!  Zakk is one of the true guitar heroes on the planet.  While I thought my solo on the original version of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ was pretty good, especially since I am really not a ‘rock’ guitarist … but having the chance to have Zakk play was really a no-brainer.  It just added to the world-class line-up on that song.  He is a really dear friend and made time to not only come in to record, but also be part of the video.  It is certainly not lost on me that tens of thousands of guitarist around the world would have loved my vantage point in the studio watching Zakk record.  I was really amazed at how he approached actually constructing his solo.  I thought he would just plug in, turn up and go!  He really broke this 32 bar solo in to 4 8-bar sections and really worked out what we wanted to play.  Granted he played more notes on this solo than I might have done on the entire record … but they are the RIGHT notes with taste and feel.  He’s truly an amazing guitarist and I am blessed to not only have him on the record, but more importantly to call him a friend.

Michael Ciravolo