BIC BLOG 7/27/19

been a busy week here as we are getting ready for shooting two videos next weekend! We again will be working with director Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films, Much of the interior shots will be filmed at the beautiful Tiger Lab Studios in Van Nuys, CA. Mr. Wayne Hussey will be taking a break from rehearsing for his solo tour (dates here) to fly in from Brazil to join us in these videos and to also record a song that we have begun working on for the next BEAUTY IN CHAOS EP.

Our record label, 33.3 Music Collective, released a Limited Editionbonus re-envisions’ CD. This hand numbered and signed disc features the 10 remixes that were previously available only on the digital version of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ and a ‘mystery track’ that I will just leave at that for now! These sold out very quickly and we so appreciate all who bought these!!!

The truly amazing thing that happened this week in the world of BIC is the release of the mini-documentary ‘behind the beauty; remixing the chaos’. This is a 40 minute plus look behind the scenes at the how/why and who of ‘beauty re-envisoned’. It features interviews and quotes from many of the amazing artists that are forever part of the BIC family. Ashton Nyte, Wayne Hussey, Rolan Bolan, Tim Palmer, Evi Vine, Dug Pinnick, Zakk Wylde, Paul Wiley and more. BIC Producer Michael Rozon and my amazing wife, Tish Ciravolo are also featured. This labour-of-love documentary was made by the incredible Ryan Martin and his Jammerzine crew. Ryan’s love of music and his tireless work in the support of Independent artists is both amazing and inspiring! There are some great things on the horizon for JammerDirect which are well deserved and show what can happen with hard work, passion and dedication!


Finally I’d like to highlight the amazing new album by Ummagma, ‘Compass’! If you are not familiar with the band, they contributed a beautiful dream-pop remix of ‘Look Up’ on our ‘beauty revisioned’ album! Check out their debut single/video HERE! I strongly suggest delving into their back catalog and getting the new record HERE.

Much more to come next Saturday … maybe even a live stream from the set of the videos!!


Michael Ciravolo