BIC BLOG 7.20.19

So we are capping off fantastic week with tracking drums today for the new songs that should make up our next EP. My former GLJ cohort Dirk Doucette will be playing over, around and with our current machine-powered drum beats. Dirk added real drums to several tracks on FBIC and can be seen in both ‘Storm’ videos. Sorry if you thought it was Vin Diesel :) Michael Rozon is a master of drum sounds! I am really happy with the darker vibe these music beds, and look forward to where the vocalists take these.

Something this is super exciting is the ‘remixing the chaos’ documentary that Ryan Martin and his crew at Jammer Direct are putting together. Scheduled release is 7/23/19. For what I have seen, it is candid and even a bit funny at points. I sincerely appreciate them doing this, and for all of the artists that are part of it. Check out the trailer HERE

I had mentioned a nice interview I had during my Lake Arrowhead vacation with DJ Mercury for her ‘She’s In Control’ program on KFAI Radio in Minneapolis. You can now hear my conversation with the ‘mistress of darkwave’ HERE!.

Another very cool in-depth look at ‘beauty re-envisioned’ can be found HERE on a show called Wanderings and Woolgathering. These 3 gents are extremely passionate about music (we could use a few million more of them) and are Bir supporters of Beauty In Chaos. They start discussing the album about 34 minutes into the broadcast. Its a really interesting listen.

As I am deep into preparation for our two new BIC videos we are shooting on 8/3 and 8/4, I would like to highlight two videos by members of our BIC family. First, Ashton Nyte has released a new Awakening video from ‘Chasm’. Check out this glorious song and video ‘About YouHERE. If you don’t have ‘Chasm’, you really should!

Finally, Ummagma (who did a wonderful remix of ‘Look Up’ on “beauty re-envisioned’) have released a video from their soon-to-be-released album. Check it out this cool dreamy track HERE!



Michael Ciravolo