MONDAY Q&A 7/22/19

Q:  Does your writing process differ this time around ?

A:  I’m presuming you mean the songs for the next EP that I have spoken of?  Well, it will be different and yet the same.  The same in that I am enlisting singers for their lyrics and melodies.  Both Ashton Nyte and Wayne Hussey are each working on a track, and I hope to expand the ‘BIC fold’ with a few different singers on this EP.  I guess it is different in the way that I have set out limit this one to 4 or 5 tracks maximum, meaning that the song length does not really come in to play and I might possibly be able to tie the songs together with some short musical interludes, which was something I wanted to do on ‘FBIC’ but couldn’t as it bloomed to just under 80 minutes … barely fitting on a CD.  Where I think I really wanted to stick to more traditional songwriting structure before … I am less concerned with that on this EP. I do want this one to evoke a darker, even more cinematic feel.  Currently I have the working title of ‘the storm before the calm’ in my head … but that could and probably will change.  My ‘allowing’ keyboards into the process hasn’t had the impact I thought it might.  There are some synth bits for sure, but Michael and I still really enjoy pulling textures (orchestral and non-descript ) for the guitar.  I’m fortunate to have some very cool new machines to manipulated my guitars! It is the end result and the ‘feel’ of this record that is important.. and even how it plays into the one that will follow (‘the calm’ ???).  I still really enjoy this vehicle we have created and excited to where it evolves and de-evolves!  


Michael Ciravolo