MONDAY Q&A 7-15-19

Q: I read your interview this weekend in Rock Revolt magazine and you seemed to allude to possible live shows. I know in the past you said that Beauty In Chaos was only a studio project, so is the possible and why the change of heart? Curious minds want to know :)

A: Well I guess you must be curious? Seriously in the beginning I never intended BIC to be a live entity, mainly as I did not think it would be possible. It still might not be, at least in the manner I would want it to be presented to do it justice. I guess I am thinking aloud about it more as of late. I do enjoy playing live, and not being part of Human Drama and GLJ anymore might be stoking my desire to do it. I’m not sure. I think the first few times I was asked, I flatly said no, but my musings aloud seem to have changed haven’t they? It seems both records are doing decently in Europe, especially in the UK and Germany. This is probably due to not only some of the British artists involved, but also several really great radio shows that have graciously embraced BIC. I’ve been asked about possibly playing a couple of the goth festivals that are still very popular, so I guess that has added to me thinking about the ‘what if’ and the ‘how’. I know I would need several of the key singers involved to be part of it, as I would never have a singer perform another’s song. I just doing think that would be right in the spirit of BIC, and I don’t think it is what fans would want to see. So I guess my long answer short is that I am talking to a few BIC cohorts to see if they would be into it and if/when their schedules would permit. Certainly nothing definite but it’s a start. Fingers crossed …



Michael Ciravolo