sort of an uncharacteristic ‘slow’ week here … I guess by BIC standards anyway! I did go see the CURE’s 40th Anniversary movie at the beautiful Archlight Theatre in Hollywood. This was a belated birthday girt from amazing wife and daughters. Simply stunning.

We spent one day in the studio, adding some cool piano and percussion to the in-process 4th track of our next record. BIC Producer and partner-in-crime Michael Rozon is taking a much diverged short vacation with his lovely lady, so I’m taking the time to get my home SATINT2 studio fully functional so I can work on some guitar and synth (yes those are ‘allowed’ this time) textures to help this track build; as I see it as a EP-ending tour-de-force much like ‘FBIC’ was to our debut album. I have also been banging around a bass line that might rear its head as the 5th, and final (God please let me keep this to an EP!) track.

Spending some time today to also ‘story board’ the two videos we will be shooting in early August. I am so excited about who will be in these, and also making both unique and different from our other videos.

I had a chance to speak with the lovely Ms. Anabel DFlux, who is responsible for many of the BIC photos, in an interview for Rock ReVolt .. please read and listen HERE!. Besides her great photo eye, she’s a wonderful interviewer.

Finally, a wonderful in-depth ‘review’ of both albums was posted by goth-beauty Adrienne LaVey. She delves deep into both albums. Check her review out HERE!. Also please follow her on Instagram HERE.


The lovely Ms. Adrienne LaVey

The lovely Ms. Adrienne LaVey

synth area of    SAINT2 STUDIO

synth area of SAINT2 STUDIO

Michael Ciravolo