MONDAY Q&A 6/10/19

Q:  I have read that both Human Drama and Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel are starting work on new albums.  Are you involved with either record ?

A:  Not really. In the past, I have done a lot of shows and records with both of these bands, all which I am very proud of … but people grow apart musically. The harder part is navigating that element and remaining friends.  For the most part, that area has been managed.  Both Michael and Johnny are on ‘FBIC’. I’ve talked to Johnny about his new album, and certainly wish him nothing but the best with it.  Unfortunately it became pretty obvious that we wanted something different.  Things happen for a reason, and the frustration I felt lit a fuse in my do Beauty In Chaos.  As for GLJ, I haven’t really talked with Michael much since the ‘Rosario’ remix. I really don’t know where his head is at for doing new music.  It gets hard once you get labeled an ‘80s band’ to have a reason to do new music. I have only heard from people that he’s talking about a doing a record.  So, right now I am not involved in either.  My main focus, besides enjoying my daughters being home for the summer, is to continue to write and record new BIC material.  I am really happy with our direction and very excited about getting a new EP out well before the end of the year.  I am really trying to hold myself to saying ‘no’ to things and focusing on what truly matters.

Michael Ciravolo